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The Philosophical Hall, Library of Strahov Monastery, Prague, Czech Republic.

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callmeadel asked : hey Doina, i was wondering, have you moved somewhere?

I’ve moved to a new apartment, if that’s what you mean. But still living in London 

Anonymous asked : Doina, I was wondering, are you coming to Milan for fashion week? If so, I really would like to meet you :)

Hey, no, unfortunately I am not this year. Maybe next year! x

Anonymous asked : Hi Doina! I have this crush (not really infatuation, but something more... I wouldn't dare call it love tho) for a guy who's a lot older than me. I'm mature for my age so we get along very well but I don't want to make things official: I still have not talked to my parents about him and I imagine they would not be happy to know we are in a "relationship". How did you manage to make things work with Daniel? Thank u if you answer, much love x

Hey! To be honest I’m getting this type of question for the first time. I’ll try and be of some help :)

How much older is he? Daniel is not much older than me, 11 years.

I’ve never been interested in young guys, just because they were never interesting to me, and appeared to be too childish. Even when I met Daniel I would tease him that he was young for me haha (true story, he’ll confirm!)

Both my parents always knew I would only commit myself to a relationship with a serious, intelligent man, who’d be able to offer me a world I haven’t yet discovered myself, teach me something everyday. I really think it depends on your family. My parents have always accepted whatever choice I made, but in this situation they were actually pleased themselves.

I was very focused on my studies, carrier, and felt like a relationship would be only a waste of time. Maybe it would have been, with the wrong person, but now i realize that the right person can only inspire you, and the confidence that comes from growing both mentally and professionally with someone is incomparable. 

I think first of all you have to ask yourself if you’re happy, if you are, your parents will see it.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck and be happy! :) x